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Fascinating Facts about Skin


The Skin

Skin FactsIs the body’s largest organ
Makes up about 16% of our total body weight

Every 24 hours, the surface of the skin sheds a layer of dead cells, constantly renewing about every 28 days

Dead skin cells make up about 90% of household dust

An average of 40 kilos of skin is shed during a lifetime

Varies in thickness from 1mm on eyelids to 3mms on palms and soles

Functions of the skin:

Acts as a protective barrier from the external environment – guarding against bacterial invasion, dehydration and ultra-violet light (UVL)

Resilience to injury - resumes its previous shape withstanding considerable trauma w/out permanent damage

Purifies our system by eliminating waste fluid

Regulates body temperature by fine tuning heat insulation – like a thermostat

Provides a waterproof barrier to prevent excess loss of body fluids, and penetration of external substances


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