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Bathtime Bliss

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After a rough day, take the phone off the hook, put some gentle music on and make sure that you are not going to be disturbed... prescribe yourself some dried flowers, leaves and herbs (i.e.. rose, lavender, elder for calming and soothing), a few drops of revitalising essential oil, or the one of my fav ways to escape: a LUSH bathbomb!  Light a candle, close your eyes and  drift away...

lush ballisticsWarm baths (lukewarm) are refreshing on very hot days.  Add a Lush "slammer" for the ultimate revival, and let the lemon and lime fizz you up!

Tepid baths are a good pick-me-up anytime. Need something to invigorate your mind and clear your head? Try the "bon bon bonnard" bath ballistic - a  decidedly inspirational combination of sea salt crystals, rose and orange blossom.

Cold baths are bracing and will improve circulation and muscle tone (although it seems easier to brave is a cold shower with strong pressure).  For an extra chilled bath on those hot summer days, dip into a Lush "summer blues", and let the honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and orange,  well..... how can you go wrong w/ that revitalising combo!

Aromatic baths relax your mind and muscles, while softening and nourishing your skin - one of my all time favs is the "double extra lucky" bomb.  Tangerine oil uplifts and de-stresses every cell, as much as being surrounded by the calming pink energy of this bath treat.

Before retiring for the evening, a warm herbal aromatic bath will encourage sweet dreams.  An emergency bath remedy for insomniacs is "waving not drowning" - lavender, fennel and cardamon bring on those sleepy vibes... 

Don’t take a bath too soon after a meal.
Make sure your bathroom is relaxing and comfortable.
Never try to get into a bath that is too hot, or stay in a hot tub for too long - it draws out your skins natural oils and moisture, draining you of energy, and leaving you dry and wrinkly.
Pat yourself dry w/ a big soft towel (don’t rub vigorously) and allow the transformation to continue!

LUSH ballistics are handmade in Australia, and tested on humans.  Lush declare to keep preservatives (if any) in their other products to a minimum, only using those least harmful to the skin. 
I challenge more skincare companies not only  to consider these issues, but to incorporate them for our benefit and for the environment.  We have to combat pollution daily, so why add to it by putting chemicals onto our skin???

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