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Makeup Kit
hippest :
Interview w/ International Model Olivia



Olivia - Makeup Look 1

Childhood dreams…
to work in the Arts. I love to visit Galleries and watch original plays.

Modeling has given me the chance to see so much and meet so many people in a short period of time - I would love to continue working w/ people. Looking @ it realistically, modeling allows me to set myself up for down the road when all of this comes to an end!!

Fav. models / photographers…
Kate Moss – she has marketed herself well - I love her book ‘KATE’. David Bailey, Mario Testino and the late Steven Price.

Fav. designers…
Helmut Lang, Vivienne Westwood, Ghost, anything from Hyper Hyper (London).

Fashion Tips…

  • be careful w/ colour
  • simple lines are always the best
  • be original – don’t copy anyone! Find a couple of essentials that you love, mix and match w/ seasonal bits and pieces.

On Makeup…
FEMININE! Accentuate a particular feature ie. cheekbones, eyes or lips.

Personal Philosophy…
Bad attitude gets you nowhere (and will come back to haunt you…)

Travel tip…

  • drink lots of water
  • avoid alcohol and meats on the plane – the vegetarian choices are more comprehensive.
  • don’t leave home w/out the skin products that you need (I’ve been caught out looking for my favorite eye gel!)

To replicate Olivia's makeup looks:

Look 1

1 Ivory matte liquid base set w/ yellow based translucent powder.

2 Copper powder on whole eyelid, deep rust strongly around upper and lower rim – concentrating colour to outer half of eye to reinforce shape. For definition add an inky rich brown thickly on the outer edge of the upper and lower lashes and blend softly to the inner corners. Gold highlights the brow bone and the eyebrows delicately frame the eye.

3 Keep cheek colour to a minimum, softly contouring the hollow of the cheekbones, the jaw and the nose to maintain feature focus subtly on the eyes and giving the lips maximum concentration.

4 The lips demand attention in this look – concise application of lip pencil and lipstick is essential – the look is clean and precise in a vivid crimson overlayed by a rose shimmer in the centre of the top and lower lip for pouting perfection.

Look 2

1 Embellish liquid foundation by adding a light-enhancing mother of pearl gel for a soft golden glow. Lightly powder forehead, bridge of nose and chin to keep the luster from overpowering the look.

2 Brush an opal rose-blush cream shadow to accent the lid and brow bone. Contour softly w/ taupe blurring plum into the brow bone, highlighting the smoothness of the dreamy eye look.

3 Add depth to face structure by heavily accenting cheek colour and contour, buff w/ a pink-champagne blush.

4 Silky lips create a monochromatic effect using a neutral lip pencil under a pinkish metallic gloss.


Learn how to create new looks with Olivia on video
  Makeup Look 2  

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