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Makeup Kit
lipart :

Lip Kit Essentials

Lip Tips

Great lips start w/ "great lips"

This doesn’t mean that you have to have the perfect shape, size or colour. Lipcare and a few handy hints are all you need. Arm yourself w/ your lipkit essentials: a baby’s toothbrush, the best lip balm you can find, your fav lip pencil and lippie, and a mirror.

To keep your lips soft and smooth apply a moisturising lip balm and gently brush 2-3 times a week. By using a soft brush (like a baby’s toothbrush) in circular movements, you exfoliate the dead skin off leaving your lips flake free and feeling soft. Finish with another application of your lip balm. Use your balm each morning (esp one that contains 15+SPF) and night.
For a natural day-look apply a tinted lip balm or a moisturising lip tint for a hint of lite-glossy colour.

Lipliner: For the most accurate line, the best results are achieved when you use a sharp pencil.lip liner guides

To enhance your lip shape, draw the curve of your line from the centre of your arch to the outer corner – this creates a fuller lip look and creates a flattering lip shape all-in-one.

For max lip colour - fill your whole lip area in w/ your liner – this gives the lippie something to grab onto ensuring longer wearing lip colour, it also has the added bonus of a more even lipstick application.
*The more you use these techniques the faster and more accurate you’ll be

Lipstick: A lipbrush is by far the best way to ensure smooth, fuss-free lips. Find a brush that has soft, yet firm bristles, and is almost as wide as the centre of your bottom lip. Using a brush will give you better definition of your lipline and work right into the grooves of your lips for extra ‘lipstick-grip’.

  • preventing lipstick on teeth Lipstick on your teeth…..aaaarrrrggg! Now this may sound a little weird, but it works to stop this unsightly wearing of lipstick. Make your lips into the ‘whistle’ shape and pop your finger in then out – this removes the excess lippie that normally ends up on your teeth!
  • Lip sealants are fabulous, but they tend to ‘tingle’ quite a bit due to the alcohol factor (that helps to set the lipstick), so if you have dry or sensitive lips it is wise to avoid them ‘til your lips are not feeling this way (they may aggravate the situation).
  • When you want to play w/ a "new lip look" try using foundation and powder on your lips before you draw in your hip new shape.

Give lots of lip action, and I’ll catch you next time for some more hip lip movement!


A "Just In Case" tip:
ever had to remove lipstick from clothing...
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