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Makeup Kit

lipart :

Karmic Forces:

Backstage w/ BE BA BO


violet models


I always enjoy working w/ hairdressers who are open-minded and ask specifically for individualised work – enter Sue Morgan.  Sue radiates exceptionally disciplined creative energy w/ fresh and exciting ideas – her makeup brief encompassed that each model have a cutting edge look that suited their face. She was very explicit in staying away from the conventional idea of the models all having the same makeup look. The makeup collection ‘Karmic Forces’ developed, etched from each models special features - complementing Sues ‘straight off the catwalks in Paris’ fashion style.

The Makeup:

Bright colour palette.
Accent on  contrasting sheer innocence w/ extravagant glamorous chic.  Paled faces with eyes that effortlessly penetrate distinctly dramatic lips.  Interactive makeup dictates personalised design exploring form and structure.


The colour accents are bold and defiant in violet, berry and plum – vivid, dark, dewy or brazen – all luscious and delicious!  

 Breaking the mould of colour - rust  natural tones of crisp autumn form this models individual style.

 Karmic Forces exploits colour and texture to conjure up a montage of ideas.  It reveals the spirit of creative energy, combining time fragments w/ a glance toward alternative makeup perception…


Salon details:
Be-Ba-Bo For Hair
Ground Floor
The Colonnade Shopping Centre
388 Hay Street
Subiaco, Perth 6008
+61 8 9380 9271

Plum Model Berry Model Rust Model

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