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Jurllique Logo
"Ageless skincare – light years ahead"

borderThe room smells like ‘Eves Garden’ as I enter and I know that my senses are in for a treat. I am greeted by warm smiles, and offered chamomile tea as I wait to commence this indulgent workshop for Jurlique addicts like myself…..

Founders Dr Jurgen and Ulrike Klein pioneer the way for pure skincare that does not contain petro-chemicals or animal derivatives.  The "Jurlique hit" is a journey of integrity, balance and intuition –learning what your needs and wants are in a simplistic and realistic way.  This is where the Jurlique philosophy diverges from any other skincare company.

Jurlique is Australian owned – exporting to 18 countries. The aromatherapy products are based on ingredients grown (on their bio dynamic farm) in the hills of South Australia (except for 15% of herbs that will not grow in our climate, these are imported from a certified organic farm in Oregon, USA).

Natural preservatives (from grapefruit – citrus seed extract) replace petro- chemicals. Orthodox dept store / pharmacy skincare companies often compromise w/ cheaper ingredients, substituting petro-chemicals (such as butylparaben, methylparaben and propyolene glycol) to act as preservatives. Skincare products packaged in jars contain approximately 70% preservatives to combat bacterial invasion – for this reason Jurlique only package their skincare in glass bottles and (latex lined) aluminium tubes.

These potent herbal formulas are derived using the alchemy process on three levels of extraction: distillation (heat – producing a quintessential oil), percolation (for the ‘flower water’), and incineration (producing a crystallised ash). The process of extracting and combining the three components takes around 40 days.

Jurlique believe that by being environmentally friendly on a local level, you are being environmental on a global level. All herbs are grown in bio-dynamic, organic soil, guaranteeing that the end result will not contain any fertiliser, additives or chemicals. Composting is an important part of this growing method. Dr Klein states that "you cannot manufacturer pure skincare in a laboratory – you have to grow it"!  Fragrance is naturally derived from aromatherapy – essential oils, eliminating the need in the formula for cologne additives.

"A lot of women don’t take the time out to honour themselves ... " The workshop now moves into a hands on regime involving a treasure chest of cleansing, concentrated essential oil compresses (to activate on a subliminal level :) refreshing floral water toners and a selection of moisturisers to address a wide range of skin conditions.

This workshop was a chance for me to experience the whole Jurlique range, in a relaxed, informative and supportive environment. I would love to have been the lucky winner of the gorgeous skincare pack @ the end of the day!  My gain was valuable information on specific active ingredients, and how to continue improving my skin in relation to diet, relaxation and honouring my time for myself. Reflecting my own philosophies, I am able to encompass a range of products that live and breathe well-being and a holistic approach to life - capturing the healing potency of plants using aromatherapy, herbalism, alchemy and homeopathy to strengthen and nourish the skin. 

You only have one skin, so nurture yourself w/ a healthy, radiant skin!


To find out What's New @ Jurlique visit their website

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